Terms & Conditions

a) This agreement is entered into by and between St Lucia Postal Service (this includes its agents and subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “St Lucia Post”)) and the “Customer”. St Lucia Post provides the Customer with a postal address, which will be assigned for his/her exclusive use in Miami-Dade County, State of Florida, USA (hereinafter referred to as the “Suite”). b) St Lucia Postal Service consists of the receipt of mail and/or merchandise, screening, forwarding and air / ocean freight shipment from Miami, Florida, USA, to the Customer’s destination for pick up at one of the branches of St Lucia Post and if applicable to the delivery address as identified by the Customer, including all actions required for customs clearance. In case of delivery service, the General Conditions Delivery

Service apply.


The Customer must pay at the counter:
a) Freight expenses for shipment of documents (mail), magazines, catalogs or merchandise, according to the rates as established on the website stluciapost.puntomio.com;
b) Import taxes, sales tax and other taxes, if applicable; 
c) Storage fees, if applicable;
d) Administration charges of $2,00 per Airway Bill (AWB) in the following cases:
i. incorrectness or incompleteness of provided data (e.g. name; suite number)
ii. not activated account (e.g. personal information of home address, phone numbers were not provided)


St Lucia Post will make available to the Customer documentation regarding charges and costs (fees and import taxes).


The Customer grants St Lucia Post unrestricted power to accept mail, documents, merchandise or any other parcel addressed to the Customer. The Customer grants permission and authorization for St Lucia Post to perform the necessary procedures, such as opening and verifying the contents of packages in an effort to offer complete orders, undamaged merchandise completing postal or customs forms with the purpose of forwarding the mail, documents and/or merchandise for pick up at one of the branches of St Lucia Post or to the delivery address as informed by the Customer. In addition, the Customer agrees to take any action or sign any document which becomes necessary to update or enhance said power. The Customer hereby agrees that St Lucia Post shall not be deemed responsible for any claims against St Lucia Post for the reception, handling, consolidation and/or shipment of mail, except for cases in which St Lucia Post has acted in fraudulent or grossly negligent manner.


(i) The Customer shall become responsible for all legal infringements. The Customer hereby commits to accept the postal laws of Saint Lucia, of the customer’s destination and of the United States of America (USA). The Customer hereby commits not to originate or otherwise participate in shipment, receipt and air transportation of illegal or restricted substances or material such as drugs, money or cash, dangerous goods (explosives, inflammables, chemicals, firearms, living animals, perishables, plants and seeds, pornographic material, jewelry, drugs of all kinds, etc.), or any other article which is forbidden by The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) in the USA or Saint Lucia. The Customer is solely responsible for knowing all rules and restrictions before ordering shipments through St Lucia Post. St Lucia Post shall not be deemed responsible for merchandise loss due to customs seizure. 

(ii) The Customer shall be solely responsible for any legal infringement incurred through the use of the St Lucia Postal  Service. St Lucia Post reserves the right not to forward and refuse any object or merchandise which might potentially produce any kind of loss, damage or penalty to St Lucia Post. Some kinds of merchandise may require an export license. The Customer is responsible for providing and submitting to St Lucia Post all required documents for such licensing. In case St Lucia Post would not receive the documents and the license required to proceed with a given shipment, St Lucia Post shall notify the Customer to provide these within five (5) days. In case the missing documents are not supplied within such time, the goods will be retained and stored for thirty (30) days. 

(iii) In addition, the Customer hereby authorizes St Lucia Post to inspect, open and repack every package which it will come to handle as part of this Agreement, and St Lucia Post shall not be deemed responsible for any additional requirement as stated in the airway bill (AWB) or required by the law. 

The charges are based on the actual (in some cases rounded up) weight of the mail or merchandise except for: The weight/volume rate rule will apply to some articles whose actual weight in kilograms is lower than the volume (length x width x height) in cubic centimeters divided by six thousand (6,000).

The Customer shall be responsible for providing the payment of all taxes and customs duties for the customs clearance of the freight/package in the country of destination. St Lucia Post will provide all required procedures for the customs clearance of the products coming from the Customer’s Suite, and will submit a bill for the Customer to pay locally. Please, review the Frequently Asked Questions (Pricing, Customs) for additional information on customs taxes on stluciapost.puntomio.com.

St Lucia Post will receive, screen and forward to St Lucia Post’s premises in Saint Lucia or to the Customer’s delivery address the products or documents shipped to his/her Suite in Miami. The customs charges and any other expenses incurred in the import of the goods shall be the responsibility of the Customer and will be charged by St Lucia Post at the counter.

Individual shipments weighing up to 100 lbs and which are approved for international air transport will be shipped via air. Shipments weighing equal to or more than 100 lbs will be shipped via ocean.

a) Shipments to Saint Lucia shall be processed within an average lead time of two to five (2-5) working days from their arrival date in Miami, Florida, USA, provided the required documentation is in compliance with all legal requirements and customs rules and with the conditions as set forth herein. St Lucia Post shall not be responsible for delays caused by force majeure or problems beyond its own control such as difficulties with airliners, customs or documentation. 

b) If the Customer does not collect the shipment within thirty (30) days after he/she is notified to pick up the shipment, the shipment will be at the disposal of St Lucia Post and become its property. In case of delivery service, the General Conditions Delivery Service apply.

St Lucia Post shall act only as a courier. St Lucia Post shall neither be deemed responsible for the products which are offered by retailers, nor for possible delays in shipment to the Suite. St Lucia Post will ship the products which are received at the Suite on behalf of the Customer to the chosen St Lucia Post branch or in case of delivery service to indicated delivery address by the Customer.

The Customer agrees to indemnify and hold St Lucia Post harmless from any claim, loss, fine, tax or complaint for damages, brought by a third-party against St Lucia Post as a result of the shipment to the Customer.

This Agreement can be terminated by any of the parties, at any time, for any reason whatsoever.

This agreement shall be governed exclusively by the laws of Saint Lucia. All disputes that may arise from this agreement will be submitted to the Court of Justice in first instance of Saint Lucia.

St Lucia Post reserves the right to amend or supplement these conditions. Except where agreed or provided for otherwise, amendments or additions will apply until further notice as made known by St Lucia Post.

In case the Customer wishes to submit any other document, notice, comment, suggestion, he / she can also use the St Lucia Post website St Lucia Post www.stluciapost.com  or email stluciapost@gosl.gov.lc