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4 Gift Ideas for That Special Someone on Valentine’s Day

Brasilians everywhere are getting ready for another Valentine’s Day on June 12th, and if you are one of them and you have a “special someone” in your life, now is the time to start looking for that perfect gift. It can be tricky finding a great present. While flowers and chocolates are always welcome, it can start to feel like you’re going through the motions. The better you know your partner, the better chance you have to find a gift that resonates beyond the usual flare. Here are some items you might consider picking up instead of buying the same things that everyone else is.

Art Prints with Special Meaning

Kirklands features a number of special meaning art prints that can deliver the heartfelt sentiment of a well-thought-out Valentine’s Day card while offering a piece that is much more functional. Take this All of Me Loves All of You art print, for example. What’s more romantic than John Legend? Not only are you sharing words that will touch your partner’s heart, you’re also giving them something to brighten up the room and send the message that, “Love lives here.”

Beauty Supplies

This is more a “for her” type of gift, but it’s one that works just about every time. If you have a special lady in your life who loves to look good wherever she goes, then you’ll be doing her a favor by either picking out a nice set of beauty supplies or giving her a gift card to a beauty supplier like Handheld Items so she can take care of it herself. Guys with very little experience picking out such things may wish to avoid because they don’t want to choose poorly. However, before you go that route, just know that she often appreciates the effort and thinks it’s cute that you tried. 

Car-Related Gifts

One stand-by gift if you’re a woman wondering what to buy the guy in your life, is a gift card to a store like Auto Anything. As with guys trying to pick out makeup and other beauty supplies, you may not know where to start. If so, then letting him go on a shopping spree of his own is a good call. If that doesn’t suit your tastes, then you might consider something that makes more of a cosmetic addition to his ride instead of a functional one. Tailgating accessories, sports logo gear, and improvements to his car audio system are always welcome. 

Computer Software/Hardware

Men and women tend to love the electronics, whether it’s a new smartphone, a laptop, or a piece of software that he/she has been wanting/needing to increase their productivity at school or work. Buying from sites like Tiger Direct or Crutchfield can connect you not only to some of the best equipment and software on the market, but also it can land you some of the best deals in retail. 

In Summary

Buying for Valentine’s Day can be a drag if you’re doing it the same way year after year. This year, try to shake things up a bit by drilling a little deeper into the things that your partner enjoys and see if you can’t find a gift that goes beyond the flowers and chocolates. Also, for more deals from retailers, who are open to shipping internationally, check out our database.

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