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5 Home Organization Tips for the New Year

Organizing your home may be one of your resolutions for the new year, but trying to clean and organize can be overwhelming if you don’t quite know where to start. However, it doesn’t have to be that hard. You actually can tackle new year organization in a way that will ensure this is one resolution you actually keep. Just follow these five tips.

Tip #1 - Break the Work Up Over a Few Weekends

Trying to organize your whole house in one day is practically impossible. You will end up worn out, be more likely to cut corners and not really accomplish everything you wanted. It is best to set aside time each weekend when you can fully concentrate and dedicate yourself to the task. You may need to work over the course of a few weekends to get everything done, but that is fine.

Tip #2 - Make Sure Your Home Stays Practical

One of the biggest mistakes made with organizing your home is to not think practically. You have to think about what you use on a regular basis and ensure it stays in a place where it is easy to get to. For example, it may look nice to hang up your pots and pans, but if you have trouble reaching them, then it isn’t practical. Put the things you use often within easy reach.

Tip #3 - Utilize Every Space Possible

You want to use every space in your home that can possibly be used. You can add shelves along the upper areas of your wall to create display areas or add in shelves along a wall from top to bottom for extra storage. Take a look around your home and figure out what spaces aren’t being used and shop around for ways to make them useful.

Tip #4 - Be Smart About Clothing Organization

Organizing clothing is always a hassle. Make organizing your home easier by getting your collection of clothing under control. Use the three pile system:

*Keep pile - anything that you wear often - Make sure every piece you keep is hung up, put in a drawer or stored. You may need to shop U.S. Stores, like Hangers.com, for products to accomplish this.

*Donate pile - clothes that you will give away to someone else, are in good condition and still have a lot of use left in them -They should be things you haven’t worn in the last year and probably won’t wear.

*Throw away pile - anything that is no longer usable  - This will probably be the smallest pile.

Tip #5 - Don’t Be Afraid To Throw Things Out or Donate Them

Donating or throwing away things isn’t reserved just for clothing. It applies to everything. As you are organizing your home, make sure you aren’t keeping things you really don’t want or need. If something is in good shape, give it away. If something is broken and can’t be fixed or isn’t feasible to fix, then throw it out. One of the keys to successful home organization is being able to let go of things that you really don’t want or need anymore.

Organizing your home can be a challenge, but it is a challenge that is well worth it. After you have finished, your home will look better and be more usable. You will be able to find what you need without hassle. Everything will have its specific place, and you’ll find it will be much easier to keep your home clean and organized going forward.

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