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5 Tips for Easing the Stress of Last Minute Holiday Shopping

One of the most stressful things about last minute holiday shopping is the actual shopping itself. The planning portion isn’t so bad, but once you battle traffic on the roads, crowds in the aisles, long lines at the register and crabby salespeople who are just as stressed out as you are, it’s almost enough to make you give up altogether. Luckily, there are things you can do to make your Christmas shopping in the U.S. a little bit simpler and a whole lot more enjoyable. Here are some holiday shopping tips to ease your stress and make this Christmas season a truly memorable one.

1. Plan Ahead

If the Christmas shopping experience has lost its appeal for you, there’s no reason to wait until December to start purchasing your gifts. Start early and plan what each person on your list will need. Many people start making their lists months in advance, giving them the chance to find good deals and buy items on sale rather than at full price during the U.S. store holiday shopping season. It’s a wonderful feeling to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner and know that your shopping is done and you can relax and enjoy the holidays.

2. Get Your Home Ready

This time of year means family time and last minute holiday shopping can be even more stressful if you’re looking for that perfect server or drink dispenser for your Christmas parties. Avoid this unfortunate situation by shopping early and finding the timeless pieces and standout features that you want to highlight at your party. Sites like ClassicHostess.com feature a variety of collections with enough glasswear to satisfy even the pickiest customer. You’ll also find the perfect knife for carving that holiday turkey at Cutleryandmore.com

3. Buy Gifts Online

Instead of battling the crowds of U.S. store holiday shopping, make your purchases in the warmth of your home and from your own computer. With many stores offering free shipping, you can even have your goods sent right to your front door. With no reason to step out into the cold, you can take advantage of your last minute holiday shopping by using online stores like Zazzle, Vermont Teddy Bear and Paradise Pen. These stores offer a variety of gifts for everyone on your list.

4. Ship Gifts Directly

Another drawback of Christmas shopping in the U.S. is the long waits you’ll find at the post office. Luckily, online stores like Amazon.com eliminate this problem. You can select gift-wrapping options and have the presents sent directly to the recipients.

5. Prepare for Pictures

There will be many reasons to pull out your camera this holiday season, whether you’re snapping a picture for your Christmas card or preserving the memory of a family party. You’d hate to pull out your camera and find it needing more film or batteries. Two great holiday shopping tips are to go through your equipment before the holidays and order any parts or accessories you’ll need. Stores like Ritz Camera and BH Photo& Video allow you to browse the online selection and order whatever you need. By doing this, you’ll be ready for the moment as soon as it arrives.

Make this Christmas less stressful by leaving last minute holiday shopping in the dust. Shop early and online and you’ll save yourself time and hassle and be able to enjoy the peace of the season.

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