How to Dress for an Interview to Impress Potential Employers

When it comes to an interview, you have to dress to impress. Your appearance says a lot about you, so you have to be sure that you are giving off the right signals and saying the right things with the way you look. That is why you must put a lot of thought into what you are wearing for your interview.

Don’t Dress Too Casual

One of the biggest mistakes made when dressing for an interview is to dress too casually. If you are wearing sneakers and jeans to a job interview for a position where the regular work attire is business casual, you will not only look out of place but also give off the impression that you simply didn’t care enough to dress up. That is certainly not the kind of impression you want to give off if you really want the job.

Some people have a bit of trouble understanding what casual means. In general, you want to avoid anything too tight or too revealing. Also avoid anything that isn’t clean and pressed. You should always avoid wearing anything that is scuffed up, torn or otherwise looks old.

Be Comfortable

While not everyone is comfortable dressing up, it is still important to find an outfit for the interview that you are comfortable in. Don’t shove your feet into high heels because you think you have to wear high heels to dress up. Flats are just as fine to wear. Don’t try to stuff yourself into a suit from ten years ago. Buy a new one that actually fits. Don’t be afraid to shop U.S. stores for some high-end, well-fitting outfits from places like Kenneth Cole. Your comfort is very important. If you aren’t comfortable, the interviewer will pick up on it, and it will come across as if you are lacking confidence in yourself.

See What Everyone Else Is Wearing

If possible, check out the office or work site before your interview to get an idea of what everyone else is wearing. Use this to set the tone for your own outfit. Checking out what the normal office attire is will not only help you to dress to impress but it will also allow you to create a look that says you will fit in. One of the things that interviewers look for in an interview is that you will fit in with the existing staff. If you look like them, then you are one step closer to proving your will mesh well with everyone.

Keep It Simple

One thing you don’t want to happen with your interview attire is for it to be distracting. Keep things simple. Wear neutral colors and traditional styles. You can have a pop of color, such as in your shoes or with one accessory. Avoid wearing too many accessories, though. Stick with a couple pieces at most. When you dress to impress, it doesn’t mean being overly fancy. It is about being conservative and looking well put together. Make sure if you buy something new that you shop for business attire and not casual attire. This will help ensure you are putting together a conservative look.

When you dress to impress for a job interview, you are starting things off on the right foot. Your look will tell the interviewer if you are prepared for the position and if you will fit in nicely with the company. Don't let your look lose you the job. 

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