How to Keep Shipping Costs Low When Buying Online

Shopping online is convenient and gives you access to items you would not normally be able to buy in the store.  However, costs of buying online can be inflated when you factor in the shipping costs.  You cannot completely avoid shipping fees when purchasing on the Internet, but there are several ways to keep overall shipping costs low.

Websites that Offer Free Shipping

Many websites offer free shipping with a minimum purchase amount or during certain times of the year, usually around major holidays.  If you can wait to make your purchases, it is worth doing so to capitalize on free shipping offers. 

Likewise, if you are short a few dollars in order to make the minimum amount and need another item from the website, it makes sense to order it as well.  Just make sure it is an item you really need and you are not wasting money just to make the free shipping minimum.  

Stack your Purchases

If you regularly buy certain items online, for example, toiletries or cosmetics, it may be worth spending some extra time to research those websites sites that offer low shipping or free shipping.  If possible, purchase as many items as possible from the same site so you are not paying higher shipping rates. 

Some websites offer a flat shipping rate, so no matter how many items you purchase from that website, the shipping cost will remain the same.  


If you do a lot of online shopping throughout the year, it may be worth signing up for Amazon Prime.  The cost is $79/year, which gives you free two-day shipping on most of Amazon’s products.  This is only worth the outlay of money, however, if you regularly do a lot of your shopping on Amazon.

The website also offers Super Save Shipping, which gives you free shipping on an order over $25 and on certain items.  

Coupon Codes

It only takes a few extra minutes to look for coupon codes for free shipping but it can pay off in a big way to save you money.  Check out RetailMeNot and, both which have a mix of regular discount codes as well as free shipping codes. 

Shipping Services

Shipping services are another way to save money on shipping.  If you shop on multiple sites online, there are several shipping services in which you pay a yearly or monthly fee and then receive free shipping on all of your purchases from their affiliate websites.  ShopRunner, for example, costs $79/year, for which you get free two-day shipping from numerous online and brick-and-mortar retailers, as well as other membership benefits.  

International Shipping Fees

Shipping internationally can be a large added expense on top of your purchase.  PuntoMio can help cut down on the costs when you buy online by providing you with your own U.S. Shipping Address.  We take care of customs and duties for you and your items will be delivered to your door within days.  To find out more about our shipping services, please visit

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