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How to Take Care of Your Hair and Nails after Vacation

Ah, vacation. There’s nothing like an extended stay at the beach, or swimming lazily in the pool every day. Vacations provide us such a great respite from the cares of our daily lives and routines, leaving us refreshed and ready for action when we return. What doesn’t come back refreshed, however, is often our hair and nails! Oh, yes, as lovely as the salt air feels on your skin at the beach, it can wreak havoc with your hair and nails, leaving the former dry like straw and the latter cracked and weak. But guess what? You can keep them looking as gorgeous as Jessica Alba’s even after you spent the major part of your week in chlorinated water! Let’s have a look at how.

  1. Protect your nails beforehand with nail strengthener
    To protect your nails from salt water and sun damage, you’ll need to be prepared beforehand with a product like OPI Natural Nail Strengthener. This product will prevent your nails from ripping, breaking or peeling off. Use it before, during and after your vacation! See, a little groundwork never hurt anyone!

  2. Stop the frizz!
    You’ll find your hair becoming noticeably frizzier after even a day at the beach. But never fear, anti-frizz treatments are here! Take Redken’s Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk for example. It’ll add clear definition to your hair, and keep it looking sleek and shiny just like Ariana Grande’s!

  3. Condition your hair naturally with virgin coconut oil
    Indian women have a reputation for beautiful hair, and part of the credit for that could go to their tendency to use virgin coconut oil on their heads. Not only does it smell wonderful, coconut oil also has exceptional hydrating qualities. Use it as a deep conditioning hair treatment before every shower. Here’s a good product you could buy.

  4. Undo the harm chlorine does to your hair
    Chlorinated water is infamous for ruining the best treated hair, especially if you’re blond. If your vacation involves a stay at the pool, you had better have a chlorine neutralizing shampoo like the one by Ultraswim to remove the chlorine from your hair, and to moisturize it too.

    So what are you waiting for? Good hair and nail care waits for no one! Make a plan with your friends and family to go buy these product together, so all  vacation-goers can keep their nails and hair healthy.

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