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November, we love you! You’re the month with the best the best deals for shopping in the US!

November is here! Everybody looks forward this month because it is when the greatest promotions happen in the US and there are two dates you can’t miss:

  • Black Friday: Friday November 24
  • Cybermonday: Monday November 27

If you don’t have an address in the US, you can get a free one at

Now, let´s see some tips about how you can go shopping in the US from the comfort of your home with PuntoMio, the best way to shop online and have your purchases delivered directly to you. With PuntoMio you will get access to technology, clothes, Christmas presents  and everything else you can dream of buying online in US. Best of all is that you don’t get charged taxes with PuntoMio!

  • The most recognized stores in US for their special offers during Black Friday and cybermonday are:
    • Amazon: One of the main reasons for shopping at Amazon is because Amazon is one of the biggest online stores and offers many options and categories.
    • Walmart: We can see long lines every year, people waiting to get in the stores and grab the best deals. This is because the special offers in TV´s, cellphones, videogames, hundreds of toys for Christmas and much more.
    • BestBuy: You can find some of the best offers in technology at BestBuy. This store sells accessories, computers, cameras, videogames, and more.
    • Ebay: Shopping at Ebay is similar to shopping at Amazon, only it is an auction. These stores compete to give the best offers to attract people who want to compete for the best deals.  
    • Apple: Apple is one of the best retailers offering special deals, especially on Cybermonday. 2017 is a special year because Apple launched the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and Apple watch series 3, with this apple watch, we can call directly from the Apple watch.
  • ABC’s for the best shopping experience in the US

Make a list of all you need, for example, a laptop or a cellphone. In the same way, include all the products you want for example, the Christmas presents, Xbox, etc.

  • Check your favorite stores often because some stores launch special offers in different moments of the same day.
  • Be sure your internet connection is working properly, it wouldn’t be fun to try to buy something online and not having connection. Have the credit card, PayPal account or your payment option handy. You should also have the shipping address by you, if you don’t have an address in the US, you can get a free one at PuntoMio is a shopping facilitator that will receive your packages and deliver It to your doorstep in about 8 days from receiving them in their tax free address in Miami, Fl.
  • If you don´t find what you are looking for, you can also visit the Black Friday website, where you can find thousands of offers in many stores in the US.
  • Finally, we want to show you some of the most wanted Black Friday special offers:
  1. Smart watch:

November brings a great shopping opportunity. You will find the best brands, high quality and low prices!

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