Online Payment Options when Buying from a U.S. Website

If you rarely, or have never, purchased from a U.S.-based website before, you might be unsure about the best way to pay for your items.  There are quite a few payment options available but deciding which one to use can be confusing, and the process can become complex when you figure in shipping and customs.

Regardless of which payment method you use, it is important to figure out the total cost of your payment, including shipping and any customs or duties, before you complete the transaction, so you will know the exact total amount you will be charged.   You also must make sure the U.S. website ships internationally.


One of the most widely-used international payment methods is PayPal.  PayPal can be linked directly to the user’s email address and verified bank account, so the money comes right from your checking or savings.    

The problem is that not every U.S. e-retailer accepts PayPal as a method of payment.  However, for those that do, payment can be made easily and securely at checkout.  One of the features that makes PayPal unique is that you can also send money through the service to an email address.  

Google Wallet

Formerly known as Google Checkout, this option is best for those that already use Google for other online services.  Google Wallet is similar to PayPal in that users can pay for items through an account connected to their Google Profile.  Since millions of people use Google for other internet services, purchasing goods through Google Wallet is fast and easy.  


Another service similar to PayPal with the ability to receive and send money worldwide.  The one advantage of ProPay over some other services is that it is accepted by eBay.  If you do a lot of shopping on the eBay website, this may be a service to consider.    

Pre-paid Credit Card

Paying with a credit card can get tricky.  If you have ever shopped on a U.S. online store, and gotten a billing error message, you know that it can be a very frustrating situation.  Many American e-retailers only accept credit cards that have been issued in the United States.  However, if you do not live in the U.S., it is impossible to get one.

A pre-paid virtual credit card makes it easier to pay for transactions made through a U.S. website.    It is a U.S.-issued credit card that you can transfer money from an international credit card, debit card, or bank account.  The U.S. retailer sees the card as a U.S.-based card and your order will be processed.


PuntoMio completely takes the guesswork out of international transactions.  We efficiently handle the customs and taxes with the credit card you put on file.   PuntoMio also solves the international shipping situation by providing you a U.S. address, and then shipping directly to your door.   To learn more about how we can help expedite your international purchases, please go to our website

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