Things to Pack for a Camping Trip

A camping trip can be a lot of fun, but does require some preparation in advance.  Ensuring you have everything you need will make for a more enjoyable and comfortable outdoor trip, and eliminate the need to make a run to the store.  This list will help get you started in the packing process.    

First Aid Kit

Someone is bound to get a scratch, bug bite, or burn during your trip.  Your first aid kit should include Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, bug spray, sunscreen, tissues, scissors, pain reliever, and an ace bandage, at the very least.  Don’t forget to bring any personal medications you might be taking.

Light Source

A camp site can get very dark in the middle of the night so packing a lantern or flashlight (with extra batteries) for late night bathroom trips is a good idea.  Don’t forget a book of matches too to light a fire, which will provide light and heat at night.  

Adequate Clothing

Bring an extra set or two of clothing, bathing suit, and underwear because your clothes will inevitably get dirty or wet.  Even if you have checked the weather forecast, it can change quickly, so be prepared for cooler temperatures than predicted, and rain.  


To set up your tent, you will need a ground cloth, tarp, stakes, and a hammer.  If this is your first camping trip, you might want to do a trial set-up so you are not wasting an entire day putting up the tent.  You will also need bedding for inside the tent such as a sleeping bag, blanket, pillow, or air mattress.  


You don’t have to sacrifice good food while camping.  Packing food that is easy to heat over a campfire or small stove and doesn’t spoil easily is a good idea.  You should also bring cooking and eating essentials like pots, pans, and utensils.  Put anything perishable in coolers with ice.  Don’t forget the marshmallows for roasting over the campfire!  


Bringing outdoor activity equipment such as a Frisbee, fishing gear, hiking gear, etc. will keep you busy around the camp site.  You can also pack card and board games, magazines, books, journal, and a radio.  If it rains, you will be happy you packed so many things to keep occupied.

Miscellaneous Camping Gear

The most common pocket knife, the Swiss Army knife, is a necessity for a camping trip.  It includes a knife, corkscrew, saw, and small scissors, all of which will definitely be used at some point during your trip.  

Rope is also a camping essential as it can be used as a clothes line, to hang your coolers at night, or to create shelter. 

Lastly, don’t forget a map or road atlas and compass, especially if you are going hiking.  In unfamiliar territory, it is easy to get off track.  

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