Tips for Saving Money While Shopping Online

Online shopping is certainly convenient, but you can end up paying more than you would at a store if you are not careful.  However, being savvy while shopping online can actually save you money.  These tips will help you get the most for your money when purchasing on the internet. 

Be Coupon Crazy

Before clicking that “Pay Now” button, make sure there aren’t any coupons that will give you a discount off your purchase.  You can check sites such as and, which have hundreds of coupons for online retailers.   Sometimes, there is a coupon code right on the home page of the retailer’s website so make sure to check that too.

Some stores allow you to use multiple coupons at once, so the savings really add up.  However, they must be entered in the proper order.  If you have one coupon for 20% off and another for $10 off your purchase, use the 20% coupon first and the $10 off one second, so you get the maximum amount off the total order.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

Many times, free shipping is offered when you spend a certain amount.  You shouldn’t spend just to get to that amount, but if you are a few dollars short, and there is something else you need from that retailer, it is worth it to buy it and get the items shipped for free!

Free shipping is also used as a promotion by many stores at certain times of the year, for example around Christmas or Mother’s Day.  Try to not to wait until the last minute to start your shopping and miss out on any promotions. 

Save Money with Social Media

Use social media as a money-saving tool.  “Like” your favorite stores on Facebook.  Many retailers announce sales or post coupons on their social media pages first.

Get on the Email List

Sign up for the email lists of your favorite stores.  They will usually send you coupons or other offers via email, and some even send you a coupon just for signing up. 

Check the Back of your Catalogs

If you receive a catalog in the mail and are then going to make a purchase on the website, check the back of the catalog first.  Sometimes stores include a special coupon for purchases made by a certain date. 

Read Product Reviews

One of the biggest benefits of shopping online is the ability to quickly and easily do product research.  Before making a large purchase, take advantage of the fact that you can read about the product and see what others have said about it.  That way, you are not wasting money on an ineffective or poor-quality product. 

Bundle Purchases

If you need several items, make a shopping list and then use a search engine that allows you to search your list for the lowest total price.  If you are able to make most of your purchases from the same site, you may qualify for a free shipping discount too. 

Shop Around

It pays to spend a little extra time to check prices on different websites.  You can use comparison websites like or to compare prices online and at local stores. 

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