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Top 5 Auto Maintenance Tips for the DIYer

Whether you’re looking for ways to save a little cash or are tired of paying expensive fees and waiting in long lines at the mechanic shop, there are several areas you can cut back in when it comes to automobile costs. Many inexperienced vehicle owners have successfully reduced their bills by tackling DIY auto maintenance with the help of online guidance and shops for ordering parts. Here are 5 auto maintenance tips to get you started.

Replace a Drive or Serpentine Belt

Neglecting to replace a worn out drive belt could lead to an overheated engine, costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs. If your serpentine belt breaks, you could possibly lose control of everything, from your steering to your air conditioning. Listen for squeaks and keep a close eye on your belts to watch for cracks. Avoid costly repairs by changing the belt yourself with the help of a friend; the part costs less than $50 and the entire process can take under 3o minutes.

Change Your Brake Pads

When you put pressure on your brakes, do you hear a squealing sound? If so, you probably need your brake pads changed. Once that squealing turns to a grinding noise, you will also need to replace your rotors. While the rotors are more difficult to replace, the brakes are simple and can easily be completed on most cars. Change them soon to avoid dealing with the more costly issue of replacing rotors.

Install a New Battery or Alternator

Using a digital multimeter, you can test your battery and alternator and determine if either of them are dead. If you discover that one isn’t registering adequate power, you’ll be able to order a new part and install it easily. Use your car’s manual to indicate the exact location of each device and then determine the correct type you need to order. US online auto stores like offer free shipping and have a live chat option to give you access to a professional.

Replace Filters

Changing out your fuel or air filter is easy and parts can be quickly purchased and delivered as you shop US auto stores. These parts can be located using your user’s manual or online help and are one of the easiest fixes for even the newest DIY auto maintenance beginner.

Perform and Oil Change

Keeping a close eye on your oil levels and quality is a habit that can save you from expensive fixes later on. If you neglect this vital component, your entire engine’s performance will begin to suffer and you’ll be facing hefty bills at the mechanic’s shop. While changing your oil is one of the most common auto maintenance tips, it’s also one of the easiest to perform on your own. A simple test will reveal if your car is in need of a change.

With the ability to shop US auto stores online and the amount of information available on the internet, it’s easy to find the appropriate instructions for many DIY auto maintenance projects. Take a look at these and many others and you’ll be on your way to saving money and expanding your knowledge in no time.

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