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Top 5 Beauty Products for Your Monthly U.S. Shopping Spree

If you’re into U.S. beauty shopping, chances are you might visit a few online stores. You can find some great deals from high quality stores while enjoying the comfort of your home. Many U.S. online beauty stores offer a wide variety of selections at great prices. At stores like Beauty Bridge and Lancome USA, you can even find the most popular beauty products. You can shop U.S. beauty products online and have peace of mind when you go to reputable online stores. Five of the top beauty products for your monthly U.S. shopping spree are:

1. Audacious Lipstick Collection

This lipstick collection offers intense colors with a matte finish. They’re part of the Nars Cosmetics by Francois Nars. The lipstick colors are bold, putting this product in the must-have list. If you want to look chic, sleek and sophisticated, you must try this lipstick.

2. Shiseido Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate

This product is one of a kind. When you shop U.S. beauty products, you won’t find another like it. The Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate helps boost the Langerhans cells in your skin. These cells help improve your skin's immune system. That means your skin will look good and keep you healthy. This is a must-have beauty product because it can be used on any skin type for any age and it adds noticeable radiance.

3. Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Booster gives you a chance to bronze without the sun or a tanning bed. You may have heard of this before, but this is a top beauty product because you can regulate the color you get. You just mix this concentrate in with your day cream, and gradually you will notice yourself get more tan. As a bonus, the tan looks so natural you can continue to use it all year long.

4. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Color and Top Coat

When you shop U.S. beauty products, you can get Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Color and Top Coat. This is one of the top beauty products because you can give yourself a manicure at home that lasts up to two weeks, and you don’t need any special equipment to do it. You just put two coats of the color on and then a layer of the special topcoat. It leaves your nails with a shiny gel-like manicure, and you won’t believe how fast the paint dries!

5. Lancome Grandiose Mascara

This list includes something to make your lips pop, your skin glow with health and a tan and your nails stand out, and now it also includes Lancome Grandiose Mascara, which will make your eyes look dramatic! This unique formula allows the eyelashes to thicken, lengthen, curl and separate. The wand is one-of-a-kind to make application a breeze.

U.S. online beauty stores offer a lot of top beauty products. If you want to look good, make sure to stay on top of the newest and best cosmetic products. When you shop U.S. beauty products at reputable online stores, you are able to stay up with the latest trends while also sticking to your budget. You can find unbeatable prices for high quality beauty products when you do your U.S. beauty shopping online. Don’t let the latest trends pass you buy. Stay up-to-date and look good by getting what you need online.

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