Top New Electronic Gadgets 2016

Electronic gadgets can undoubtedly, make your life a lot easier.  Utilizing the latest technology, they are also fun to use.  There are a lot of new ones on the market this year, so we picked gadgets that are useful, cool, and interesting.  

Amazon Tap

Let’s start with one of our favorites.  The Amazon Tap is a wireless, portable Bluetooth speaker with Dolby speakers that provide up to nine hours of use.  Simply tap the microphone button and request music from several different sources, or use the voice service to ask for the weather or catch up on the news.  

Dual Purpose Atomic Alarm Clock/Phone Charger

Never be late for work again.  The alarm clock, which syncs with NIST-FI, the U.S’s atomic clock, will ensure that the time is always accurate.  It also displays the day, date, and temperature, and the USB port will charge your cellphone at the same time.  

FitBit Blaze

The next generation in FitBit is here.  The Fitbit Blaze will help you maximize your workouts with innovations such as PurePulse heart rate, GPS, on-screen workouts, and more.  Plus, you can still stay in contact with your friends and family while you work out with call and text notifications on your FitBit, provided your phone is close.  

Solar Battery Charger

Stunning Gadgets has added new technology to their solar battery charger by upping the battery to a 5000mAh, including two charging ports, and efficient solar cells.  The rugged design makes it ideal for hiking and camping trips so you can stay connected even when outdoors this summer.  

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

An essential for summer, portable waterproof Bluetooth speakers keep the music going wherever you are.  Crutchfield has several different models.  We like the UE Boom 2, which is waterproof, dirt-proof, and shockproof with up to 15 hours of operation.   It will last you an entire day, no matter where you take it.  


Ripplebuds are a dual-duty gadget.  Bluetooth-enabled earbuds that can capture the human voice from within the ear make it possible to hear and be heard in even the noisiest places.  In addition, you can listen to music from your Bluetooth devices.  

Withings Thermometer

Healthcare is going high tech.  The Withings Thermometer provides a temperature reading within two seconds.  It also keeps track of it on an app, using WiFi.  

Wireless Glass Keyboard

This is one gadget that just looks so cool on your desk. Bluetooth-enabled, the wireless glass keyboard comes with touch-sensitive glass.  It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X devices, and is easily rechargeable with a USB cable. 

Ship date unknown Reserve yours today Election-Themed Cellphone Cases

Not technically a gadget, but an accessory for one of your most important devices---your cellphone.  Zazzle features fun and inexpensive cellphone covers for every candidate for this year’s Presidential Election.  Show your support for your favorite candidate!  

PuntoMio stores feature some of these new gadgets, as well as others.  Visit our website at  You’ll find items with the latest technology on websites listed under our “Electronics” section.  

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